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Services and Activities
  • Receive consumer complaints (disputes), study and resolve these complaints in cooperation with relevant distribution companies, this is executed in accordance to the transparency and justice of the rules and trade regulations prescribed in this regard.
  • The agency participate in responding to the inquiries of electricity consumers through the Egyptian Radio.
  • Prepare and issue all information, reports, recommendations, magazines, periodical books, and awareness publications that help the electric utility & consumers to know their rights, obligations, and to know the agency role in the electric sector.
  • The electric utility employees dealing directly with the public receive a range of training programs on technical, financial and behavioral regulations as well as other rules related to the deliver and sale of electricity, where these training programs are prepared and implemented by the Agency.
  • Prepare surveys in cooperation with specialized parties, in order to measure the degree of consumer satisfaction for the level of service, consumers’ awareness degree of their rights and duties as well as the extent of their knowledge about different rationalized programs and goals.
  • Prepare training programs for the civil society organizations members in the electricity sector in Egypt
  • Through participation of the Agency’s representatives for the consumer protection conferences, the agency can contribute to researches, reports and publications.
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