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Another Reports

According to the publications in the websites of these reports:

  • New and renewable energy authority (NREA) annual report for the year 2012-2013 .

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  • Energy Customers Education and Information In the Mediterranean Countries

  • One of MEDREG’s goals is the promotion of energy markets integration and the harmonization of the relevant legislations in the Mediterranean region. Energy is a vital part of citizens’ lives and it is essential to fully participate in society. For this reason, everyone needs to have access to energy and this may be assured when customers are aware of their rights.
    Customers information is a pre-requisite of customer protection, indeed the first protection for the consumer is to be informed on his/her rights. In fact, adequate information can be seen as an effective tool in the direction of consumer protection.
  • Energy Billing in the Mediterranean Countries

  • This report is focused on energy billing methodologies that are currently applied in MEDREG countries. We researched the billing structure concerning electricity and gas households consumers.
    The scope of the survey was to assess the level of detail and completeness reached by bills in MEDREG countries, and subsequently identify and discuss the criticalities and good strategies which characterize the Mediterranean reasons, issuing targeted recommendations.
    Energy Billing
  • MED-ENEC Project issued 2 reports for Energy Efficiency:

  • First: Energy Efficiency Building Code
    Second: Energy Efficiency Urban Planning Guidelines for MENA Region :
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