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Electricity in Egypt
The Electric Utility in EgyptData of The Egyptian Electricity Grid The Implemented Projects
The Electric Utility in Egypt is divided into State-owned companies & private sector companies, where the State-owned companies are under the authority of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, while private sector companies are BOOT projects & independent companies
 Government Owned
Generation Transmission Distribution
Cairo Generation Company
West Delta Generation Company
East Delta Generation Company
Upper Egypt Generation Company
Hydro Plants Generation Company
Developing and Utilizing The New and Renewal Energy Authority
The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company
North Cairo Distribution Company
South Cairo Distribution Company
Alexandria Distribution Company
North Delta Distribution Company
South Delta Distribution Company
Behaira Distribution Company
Canal Distribution Company
Middle Egypt Distribution Company
Upper Egypt Distribution Company

 The Private Sector
Generation Distribution Generation & Distribution
Suez Gulf Power Company (BOOT Project)
Port Said East Power Company (BOOT Project)
Sidi Krir Generating Company (BOOT Project)
International Bensmark Power
MIDOR for electricity (Medallak)
The Egyptian Chinese Joint Venture Company for Investment
Delta Company For constructions and reconstruction
Engineering group For electric energy
Madinety Electrochemical Energy
New Giza Eternal Luxury
City Services
Global Energy Company
Alexandria Carbon Black co. SAE
Om El Goreifat
National Electricity Technology Company (Kahraba) 
Sendian Company For Paper Industry
Consukorra Company forcommercial proxies and technical consultations
Power House Company
ElGouna Electric
Generget Company For renewable energy
Emak for Utilities and Services S.A.E

  • In 1893 The Electricity was first introduced in Egypt , it was owned and operated by private companies.
  • In 1962, all these companies had been nationalized, and the government became the owner and the operator.
  • In 1964, the first ministry for electricity power was formed.
  • In 1965, the public Egyptian Corporation for Electricity has been established; it was responsible for Generating, Transmitting and Distributing electricity.
  • In 1976, the Public Egyptian Corporation for Electricity was converted to The Egyptian Electricity Authority (law no. 12).
  • In 1978, seven distribution companies was established on a geographical basis.
  • In 1996, Law no. (100) was issued allowing the local and foreign Investors to construct, operate and maintain electric generation stations (BOOT).
  • In 1997, the presidential decree no. 326 was issued. The Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency as a supervisory Agency to supervise, monitoring and regulate the relation between the electric utility parties.
  • In 1998, Law no. (18) was issued concerning that the distribution companies will be affiliate to the Egyptian Electricity Authority instead of the Business Sector and all the Generation Stations and the High Voltage network will be affiliate to these companies.
  • In 2000, the presidential decree no. (339) was issued, reorganizing of The Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency.[Specify its authorization and activities and form the Board of Director of the Agency to include experts in energy field not related to electricity sector, other customers representatives, public persons and experts in electricity sector].
  • In 2000, Law no. (164) was issued concerning conversion of The Egyptian Electricity Authority to a contribution company called the Egyptian Electric Holding Company (EEHC).
  • In 2001, the general association of the EEHC has agreed to separate between the Generation Activity (5 Companies) from the Distribution Activity, and separate the UHV and HV network Activity into separate company for control and transmission.

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