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General Information about electricity generated from RE Sources:

Egypt has substantial potential for wind and solar energy. Two-thirds of the country’s geographic area has a solar energy intensity of more than 6.4 kWh/m2/day. At the Red Sea coast, the wind speed approaches 10 m/sec.

Hydro Generation

Approximately 11.2% of Egypt’s power comes from hydropower facilities, the first of which was built in 1960. This facility, the Aswan Dam, was constructed to control the Nile water discharge for irrigation. In 1967, the 2.1 GW High Dam hydropower plant was commissioned, followed by the commissioning of the Aswan 2 power plant in 1985, the commissioning of the Isna hydro power plant in 1993 and that of Naga-Hamadi in 2008. Power generation from gasification of sewage sludge in waste water treatment plants is already being used (for example, the El-Gabal El-Asfer 23 MW plant), with a potential generation of 1,000 MW from agricultural waste.

Wind Generation

Solar Generation

Electricity Generation

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