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ERA Reports

EgyptERA usually issues three types of reports to state the current situation of the electricity grid in Egypt. These reports include the following:

  • Achievements Reports:
    This report shows Egypt ERA achievements for specific periods of time usually an annual report. This report includes Egypt ERA objectives, achieved objectives, and the impact of these objectives on electricity sector in Egypt during the calendar year.
  • Electricity Consumption Report:
    This report states the key performance indicators (KPIs) of electricity consumption for different types of consumers including number of consumers and the level of consumptions of electricity according to economic activities and geographical distribution of electricity companies. The report also shows contracting capabilities, the peak load and how the consumption level contribute in achieving the added value and its relation with number of consumers according to economic activities and transforming industries.
  • Complaints Report:
    The consumer protection department usually issues a report shows the extracted statistics from consumer complaints which submitted to Egypt ERA from electricity consumers. The department follows the complaints according to a specific work flow in order to achieve dispute resolution between electricity consumers and companies. The report includes number of complaints, percentage of complaints for every 100 thousands grid member, type of complaints and statistics and reasons about electricity failure and outages.
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