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The conditions required for Egypt ERA to study consumers’ complaints are:

  • The complaint should be represented to the relevant electricity company first.
  • Providing the following attachments by e-mail or fax or hand delivered at Egypt ERA premises.
  • A copy of the complaint which was presented to the relevant electricity company.
  • A copy of the company’s response on the presented complaint.
  • The applicant must supply contracts in the electric power medium voltage capacity greater than 500 kW and contracts for the supply of electric power to low voltage capacity of up to 500 kilowatts into account the scheme to provide the structure for single-system electrical power, explaining it somewhere install meters to measure different energy.

You can present a complaint to Egypt ERA by one of the following ways:

  • Walk in Egypt ERA premises and fill in the complaint form and handed over to the Complaint Department.
  • Download the complaint form from Egypt ERA official website and fill in all the required data and send it to Egypt ERA premises either by mail or by e-mail, fax or hand delivery.
  • If you want to download Egypt ERA complaint form, press here.
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