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Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff Projects


Egypt faces a major challenge in providing a sufficient amount of electrical from its primary energy resources, especially oil and natural gas that contributes to 95% of the total energy resources needed for generating electricity in Egypt. Studies show that, even though Egypt possesses a reserve of primary energy resources; Egypt will face a deficit to cover its demand from these resources due to rapid utilization and increase of extraction costs. Expectations indicate that retaining balance between oil and natural gas production and their usage within three (3) years can be achieved after overcoming the economic challenges facing the oil and natural gas sector. However, according to the Egyptian energy strategy for 2030 and its update to 2035, it is expected that Egypt will be a net importer of oil and natural gas within ten (10) years from the start of the third decade of this century. This situation represents an additional challenge for the Egyptian economy which will become more vulnerable to the price fluctuations in the international energy markets, which can’t be predicted or controlled. In addition, this will lead to Egypt’s loss of foreign currency and the decrease in the competitiveness of the national economy. Therefore, there has to be diversification of the energy resources to maximize the benefits of using local resources which are characterized by continuous and stable prices such as investing in generation electricity from renewable resources that are rich in Egypt.

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Feed-in Tariffs for projects up to 500 kW of PV Installations.

Feed-in Tariffs for projects ranging from 500 kW and up to 50 MW of PV Installations and projects ranging from 20 MW and up to 50 MW of Wind Installations.

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