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Electricity Legislation
The electricity sector laws & decrees
Law No. 87 of 2015
The issuance of the Electricity Law .
Law No. 203 of 2014
Regarding the stimulation of producing electricity from renewable energy sources.
Law No. 164 of 2000
The Egyptian Electricity Authority to be transferred to Egyptian joint stock company.
Law No. 18 of 1998
Certain provisions for the electricity distribution companies, power plants and transmission grid, as well as amending some provisions of Law No. 12 of 1976 for establishing the Egyptian Electricity Authority
Law No.100 of 1996
Amend law no 12, 1976 related to establishing the Egyptian electricity body.
Law No 36 of 1984
Regarding amending some provisions of law no 12,1976, to establish the Egyptian electricity body
Law No. 55 of 1977
Regarding the establishment and management of thermal machines (plants) and steam boilers
Law No 12 of 1976
Establish the Egyptian electricity body
Law No 63 of 1974
Concerning establishing the institutions of the electricity body.
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