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Consumer Information

“Publish all information, reports and recommendations that help the electric utility and consumers to know their rights, obligations and also introduce to them in a full transparency the nature of the Regulator role to the electric utility, also to carry out customers complaints in order to ensure the protection of their interests and resolve complaints that may arise between various active parties.”

Related Definitions

  1. kilo Watt hours (kWh) is the consumption of 1 (100 Watt) lamp for 10 hours Consumption = 100 Watt * 10 hours = 1000 Watt = 1 kWh
  2. Tariff: The unit price for sale of electrical energy (kWh) and electrical power (kW) to a consumer for various uses
  3. Electricity Utility: A licensed electrical power company either owned by the government or the private sector
  4. Safe Distance: The distance -specified by law- on both sides of the electrical line within which no buildings or facilities shall be established

How electricity did reach from generators to consumers?

  • Firstly is generated at the electricity generation station.
  • Then is transmitted through the transmission system.
  • Finally is distributed to different classes of customers through the electrical distribution network.
  • For users other than residential, commercial and some Industrial users, contracts are divided into two types:
  1. Contracts with demand up to 500kW: applied charges are only based on the monthly consumption of the electrical energy (kWh)
  2. Contracts with demand more than 500kW: applied charges are based on both yearly maximum connected load (kW max.), and the monthly consumption of electrical energy in (kWh).
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