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Egypt ERA Magazine

The magazine covers the most important news of the electricity sector and the activities of Egypt ERA (Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Agency. It also includes a collection of articles for Egypt ERA activities as well as general topics related to the electricity sector. The magazine is published and distributed quarterly through a mailing list prepared by the Agency including more than four hundred employees name in the electricity sector, media, consultants and other state bodies in order to enclose the Agency activity and its role. 

First issue

Index topic Page
  1 Editorial 2
  2 Electricity in Egypt 3
  3 The electricity news - The nuclear energy law at the council of state 5
  4 The national campaign to rationalize the use of energy and its continuous success 6
  5 Tender for the wind farm 7
  6 The agency’s news- the German experience and consumer protection 8
  7 The first unified system that serve the electricity consumers 9
  8 The electricity’s ministries meeting at the eighth countries 10
  9 Holding meeting for the electricity & gas organizers at the Mediterranean countries 12
  10 The cash flow at the electricity companies 14
  11 Save the electricity in the lightening 15
  12 Dictionary 19
  13 The Arab scientist “Thabet Bn Gorah” 20
  14 Let’s rationalize the electricity 22

Second issue

Third issue

Fourth issue

Fifth issue

Sixth issue

Sixth issue

Eighth issue

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