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Organization Structure: Upon the Presidential Decree no. 326 of the year 1997 modified with decree no 339 of the year 2000 for reestablishing the Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency, which is considered as a General Economical Agency, formed as follows:

First: Board Directors with the Chairmanship of the Minister of Electricity and Energy, and membership of ten members for three years term.

Second: Managing Director for a five-year term; his remuneration shall be determined in a decree issued by the Prime Minister upon the recommendation of the Minister of Electricity and Energy.

Third: Two Main Central Department (Senior Management-Central Department Head) as follow:

  1. Tariff and License Central Department
  2. Awareness and Consumer Protection Central Department

Fourth: Eight General Departments (Senior Management - General Manager) as follows:

  1. License Evaluation General Department
  2. Plans Revision General Department
  3. Cost and Pricing General Department
  4. Awareness and Mass Communication General Department
  5. Consumer Protection General Department
  6. Financial & Administration and Personal Affairs General Department
  7. Legal Service General Department
  8. Information and Documentation General Department

Fifth: Other positions (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Degree)

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