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Awareness Flyers

Electricity Utility Regulator and consumer protection agency had launched awareness campaign under the slogan "Bill less and better service"

       The Agency is currently carrying out an awareness campaign under the slogan "Bill less & better service" in order to raise the awareness of consumers and encourage them to streamline the efficiency of energy use,

      The campaign includes several programs and events which targets different categories of customers, also it calls to rationalize electricity consumption as well as activating the individuals’ role in the community in order to participate effectively in reducing the excess loads on plants and grids during peak times, this is to ensure the continuity of an efficient electricity service without any interruptions, this can have a positive impact on customer as he pays less for the electricity bill and get better service as well.

To ensure the access of all customers in accordance to a specific timetable, the campaign program print several awareness publications which is distributed with the monthly bill, these publications through their advertisements they urge on the importance of the rational use of energy-saving light bulbs instead of the normal one, as well as introducing the most important tips on rational usage of energy efficiency for all household electrical appliances like water heaters, electric furnaces, televisions as well as mobile phones charges, also the campaign will focus - per summer - on the optimum usage of air conditioner as it is one of the most devices that consume a great capacity of electric power, this will be through introducing the most important scientific tips to customers for how to reduce electric consumption when using air-conditioners as well as introducing some tips which customer can take by when buying a new air conditioner
The awareness publications also introduce some important simplified methods to be considered by customer when there is a power outage in order to avoid electrical equipment deterioration, also the campaign introduce a detailed explanation of its contents per the monthly bill as well as the method of calculating the value in order to enable customer to read and understand his bill and follow his own consumption on monthly basis. Also there will be several statistics and opinion surveys about this campaign in order to determine the customer response degree with the campaign and to ensure the achievement of desired objectives.
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