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The issuance of the Electricity Law No. 87 of 2015

According to the recent developments in the field of regulation of public utilities, and the trend to be the state's role is to regulate, control and monitor the activity of public facilities instead of managing them in direct way, which requires the establishment of an independent entity to carry out these tasks and has the necessary powers to perform the work so as to ensure free competition, antitrust and maintain the interests of all parties. in order to ensure the fulfillment of the needs of economic and social development plans of the state, due to the importance of preserving the interests of consumers and service providers to ensure a balanced relationship between the both of them. so has been a project the Electricity Law in Egypt preparation, so the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued the Electricity Law No. 87 of 2015 issued on 8 July 2015 Taking into account all relevant laws and after the Council of Ministers and the State Council approval.

The electricity law aims at raising the performance efficiency and service level of the companies operating in the field of production, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity. For this purpose, it intends to hold free and legitimate competition, to create appropriate atmosphere that attracts investments to the electricity sector in order to cope with the increasing demand for electric power and to confirm the principles of transparency, antimonopoly and anti-favoritism.

The Minister of Electricity will issue the executive regulations of the law within six months from the date of its enforcement. All electricity related entities must work in line with the law within six months from the date of issuance of its executive regulations. The law consists of eight sections and 80 articles.

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