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The Regulator insure the continuity of its activity and the safety of its financial position by verifying that the cost of generating, transmitting and distributing electric power can achieve the interests of all parties and that the electric sector can attain a fair return.
In addendum to this, the licenses that was mentioned before should include the follow: the approved tariff, principles and the cost of elements taken into account which include the cost of transmitting energy, coefficient of fuel and the rate of inflation, as this contracted tariff and other special agreements concluded with the electric power generators shouldn’t be prejudiced, also it is unpermitted to amend these principles and elements during the first five years from the date of the license,
Energy exchange Prices between the involved electricity companies which is approved by the Regulator taking into account the terms of reference of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company provided by law
For the use of high voltage networks and the National Control Center of the unified electric grid as agreed by The Regulator and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company.

1- Extra High Voltage Consumers

Consumer Group Capacity charge (L.E/k.w Month) Avrg. Energy cost(P.T/k.W.h) Off Peak energy charge(P.T/k.W.h) On Peak energy charge(P.T/k.W.h)
 Kima Fertilizer Company 4.7
 Subway 18.0
 Energy Intensive Industrial Consumers 15.0 39.6 36.6 54.8
 Other Customers 15.0 26.9 24.8 37.2

2- High Voltage Consumers

3- Medium Voltage Consumers

3- Low Voltage Consumers

4- Residential Consumers (P.T/k.W.h)

5- Commercial Consumers

6- Customer Service Charge

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